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Unbidden Thoughts on Unbound Pages

The Unraveling of a Mind
Lug 22 '14

6.822 note Vedi i commenti (via thegirlwithgoldeyes & markfluffyruffalo)Tags: i stared at this for a few moments bewildered and trying to understand mind wildly asking 'is that mark ruffalo?' it is it is mark ruffalo being far cooler than i can ever hope to be look at him go on that long board you go mark ruffalo you go

Lug 21 '14

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Lug 21 '14

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Lug 20 '14






ahahhahaha what the fuck is wrong here is the siren damaged or something.  I’ve heard this exact siren before but never all creepy like this

actually the reason the siren sounds like that is because it’s echoing through the tall buildings of downtown chicago!

Normally I would thank the science side of tumblr, but still convinced that this is silent hill

(Fonte: simulatedcity)

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Lug 19 '14



All the cousins. 

I have waited many moons for this post.

46.524 note Vedi i commenti (via thegirlwithgoldeyes & bassoonrckr)Tags: ah i wish i could be insulted by this but i can't brits the stig top gear

Lug 19 '14

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Lug 19 '14

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Lug 19 '14
Angel Haze - No Church In the Wild

No Church In the Wild - Angel Haze

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Lug 18 '14

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Lug 18 '14

Reacting to the news about Captain America. <3


Reacting to the news about Captain America. <3

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