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Unbidden Thoughts on Unbound Pages

The Unraveling of a Mind
Gen 2 '13

Persona 4 Golden: Quick Reference

Social Link Locations (alphabetical):

Ai: Classroom, 1F

Chie: Roof (day) / Aiya’s (night)

Drama Club: Clasroom 2f

Eri: Shopping District South, Bus Stop

Marie: Velvet Room

Sports Club: Classroom 2F

Yosuke: Classroom 2F

Sports Club Days: Tu, Th, Sat (unless its raining)

Cultural Club Days: Mon, Tu, Th

Shopping District, South

- Daidara’s (Weapon/Armor Shop)

- Shiroku Store (Consumables / Gem Exchange at Night)

- Vending Machine (Orange Smash, TaP Soda)

- Book Shop

- VR, Save

Shopping District, North

- Aiya’s (Food challenges)

- Shrine

- Souzai Daigaku (Steak Place)

- Vending Machines w/ Roulette (Dr. Salt Neo, Second Maid, The Natural)

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